What we do

Deaf Reach is a program of Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) a non-profit educational organization active in Pakistan since 1984.

We aim to change the fact that less than 5% of 1.25 million Deaf children in Pakistan have access to education.

We challenge the notion that the deaf are ‘disabled’. The Deaf are as smart, intelligent and as full of potential as their hearing counterparts.

We provide the necessary language tools so that Deaf children can effectively communicate with their parents and teachers

With your support, we can make an effective long-lasting change in the lives of more deaf children and their communities.

FESF has been awarded UN ECOSOC Consultative status since 2014.

Legal Status

FESF is setup under a license from Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 42 of the Company Ordinance,1984. Approved U/S2(36) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, read with rule 212 of the income rules, 2002. Our accounts are audited by Haroon Zakaria & Co.

Tax Benefit to Donor

Donors can claim income tax credit on donations paid to FESF. We are approved and eligible for Zakat by Zakat & Ushr Dept., Gov’t of Sindh. All donations are tax exempted. Zakat funds are kept in separate Shariah compliant banks and Zakat is expensed according to the Shariah law & principle. All funds raised for Deaf Reach will be processed through FESF as the registered parent organization.

FESF Zakat Certification

FESF has appointed Mufti Ibrahim Essa, an Independent Shariah Advisor to ensure the zakat funds are used in a Shariah-compliant manner. Click to view certification and advisor profile.