Dast’Khat sells both a product and an ideal. When you buy a Dast’khat product you not only get a unique and beautiful hand-made item, but you also create an empowering circle that continues to give and benefits others.

Dast’Khat is committed to creating high-end quality merchandise, all produced by deaf artisans. The Dast’Khat program provides a template for regional and home-based employment opportunities for the deaf across Pakistan.

Dast’Khat employees are trained to create and market a number of product lines, including:

  • Pottery by KUMHART
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sewing & Embroidery
  • Fashion Design

Dast’Khat and KUMHART have already won praise, recognition and awards. Deaf Reach’s KUMHART display was among a handful to be awarded prizes in recognition of their creativity and product range at the 65th Pakistan Flower Show, and our Deaf Reach artists regularly achieve prize positions at the annual Toyota Art Show competitions.

For more information on partnership opportunities via exhibitions or sale please write to sarah.shaikh@fesf.org.pk

You can order Dast’khat products online on Facebook page!