Immerse yourself in Coke Studio for the Deaf in Karachi!

Following the finale of the biggest and the boldest season of the series, Coke Studio invites the Deaf community of Pakistan to experience its music like never before. The innovative technology used for ‘Coke Studio for the Deaf’ pilot project, unveiled prior to the launch of Season 9, has now been installed at the Deaf Reach School and College, Karachi campus for people with little or no hearing ability to get the basic experience of music.

Announcing the big news, the General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan, Rizwan U. Khan stated, “Coke Studio is a totally unique phenomenon which resonates deeply with all audiences, across cultural, gender, age and other barriers, and makes them proud to be Pakistanis. Having said that, 9 million people with some form of hearing loss of our population were unable to experience the magic Coke Studio creates through its music. With the technology setup now easily accessible locally, we want to invite the larger Deaf community to experience the system and create a stronger sense of inclusion, inspiration and pride with the music of Pakistan.”

The technology invented in China, was tested out earlier this year with a group of 8 `faculty and students of the Deaf Reach School and College, in Bangkok. This innovative system is now specially brought to Pakistan by Coca-Cola to enable people with some form of hearing loss in the country to become part of this unique experience. The special sofa, embedded with hundreds of vibration engines and LED lights that are synced with the sound of the music being played, is installed in Karachi and available daily for public experience till October 28.

Richard Geary, founder and director of the Deaf Reach Program in Pakistan has been working to empower the Deaf community in Pakistan for the past 30 years. Inviting the Deaf community he said, “This is a unique opportunity for the Deaf community enabling them to experience music and with this inclusive endeavor adapted to their different abilities.  We are delighted to host our fellow community members at our Deaf Reach School and College, Karachi campus for this marvelous sonic treat.”